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A great introduction to Creepiness/Fear and Terror  from "Vsauce"  about 'why things are creepy' and why we feel that that are.  It's a good look into why you may be feeling something is not quite right with that doll you purchased at the market, or why it's scary when your dog or cat wont stop staring at you. Begin your journey into the Paranormal with a good foundation  of what your mind is capable of.
We investigate claims of paranormal activity throughout our surrounding area. Dedicated to staying objective, we attempt to find clarification for the  events you are experiencing. We approach each opportunity open minded, we attempt to explain 'what' is happening in the environment and help explain why it appears haunted. We do realize, however, while finding an explanation can not always be done, this does not mean you have a 'ghost' or a 'demon' or even a 'haunting'.  It's important to remember that the existence of "Ghosts, Spirits or Demons" have yet to even be proven much less dealt with.  We can not tell you that what you are experiencing is not real, however, what we can do is give options as to the cause of your experiences, and therefore options to end the experiences.
Each of our founders come with a background of helping people. Two with Law Enforcement backgrounds and one with child protection/advocacy. Helping others is what we do and who we are.